Global Project Solution Provider

Operating on Power Plant Installations, Marine Vessels/Installations, Offshore Applications and Composite Plants implementing Constructions, Installation Supervision, Commissioning and Various Tasks on analyzing, troubleshooting and evaluations providing customers multiple solutions and services utilizing latest technology and standards; from small size applications and services to complete turn-key projects.

Main Areas of Business and Fields of Operation

  • Power Plants; Diesel, Gas-Diesel, Gas, Turbine, Hydro, Steam and Coal Fired Installations
  • Emergency/Stand-By Power Plants and Mobile Units, with Turn-Key type deliveries
  • Marine and Offshore Installations; Automation/ Electrification and systemwise projects
  • Wood Processing Industry, Paper/Pulp Mills and various Boiler Plants, Steam Systems.

Northern Automation Oy has also a strong experience on the stand-by-, prime- and continuous power diesel generator installations and deliveries.

Products are well known worldwide with proven manufacturers.

Solutions are provided both for equipment deliveries and turn-key projects.

Products and resolutions are ranging from baseplate mounted open type sets to Canopy type and ISO-container ( 10 - 40 feet ) type installations within 25-3500 kVA.

Also tailor made container solutions are available upon request.

The container models are in most case cost efficient and more safe installations than fixed indoor (powerhouse versions).